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EVOLVE Courses

Immerse yourself and your family into the self-discovery weekends and awaken the powers you were born with.

Our Courses

2019 EVOLVE Courses Schedules

EVOLVE is an immersion weekend of self-discovery for adults

Based on Dr. Alfred Adler's theory of Individual Psychology, our limiting beliefs form in early childhood and disrupt our lives as adults below our level of awareness.


  • You will see the survival strategies you formed as a child that keep you from living the amazing life you were meant to live.
  • You will connect with your deepest emotions in a fun, loving, safe space with experienced coaches to guide and support you.


  • Connect and embrace your emotions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Genuine relationships with others
  • Have boundaries while staying loving and empathetic
  • Break limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Be empowered to make important decisions and go for your dreams


2019 DATES:
March 29-31 | May 31 -June 02 | July 12-14 | Aug. 23-25 | Oct 18-20 | Nov. 22-24

TIME: Friday evening at 7:00 pm through Sunday evening at 7:30 pm.

LOCATION: Delray Beach, FL, With the EVOLVE Team

Heart Mind and Soul Parenting is a course about communication skills and the loving way to get cooperation from your children and others. 

2019 DATES:
April 6-7 | May 4-5 | June 29-30 

Call Tawnya 754-204-8225 to register.

Letting GO – a “Forgiveness” Course

This is a 2-day course to experience what it feels like to forgive and let go of living in the past so that you can be present to consciously create the kind of life you deserve and are worthy of receiving. 

Become an ACE which is ‘Advanced Course Evolved’ to raise your level of knowing unlimited possibilities while taking action to accomplish dreams that make you and the collective enjoy life so much better.

This is a three month intensive, and you must attend all three months of this self-mastery course for breaking through the barrier reefs which block your next level of potential. Take action today. Call for more information. 

2019 DATES:
August 10-12 | September 14-15 | October 12-13

Note: It is required to attend all three months of this 3-month intensive program.

TIME: Friday evening at 7:00 pm through Sunday evening at 7:30 pm.

LOCATION: Delray Beach, FL, With the EVOLVE Team

Lifetime Learning Connections, Inc. is a non-profit organization that hosts EVOLVE KIDZ and EVOLVE TEENZ courses. 


Become a Volunteer and Get Discounts 

After graduating as a student, you will be able to come back and attend all future classes as a volunteer angel assistant to future students at a discounted rate. You will participate in course events to continue to practice the tools and stay on top of the latest techniques year-to-year. 

Anyone who desires to be an instructor in training contact Jessica Jansen for more information.

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