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EVOLVE is an immersion weekend of self-discovery.  It’s the next step in personal growth and development. 

Continue on to become an ACE in our “Advanced Course Evolved” – YOU will know when movement into the next level of self-mastery is the momentum you are ready for.

About Us

What  to expect

You will see the survival strategies you formed as a child that keep you from living the amazing life you were meant to live. You will learn about beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck.

You will connect with your deepest emotions in a fun loving safe space with experienced coaches to guide and support you. You will learn to let go of the past to live fully in the present.

Based on Dr. Alfred Adler’s theory of Individual Psychology, our limiting beliefs form in early childhood and disrupt our lives as adults below our level of awareness. Exercises at the EVOLVE Courses are specially designed for life-changing breakthroughs in a safe, supportive group setting.


What  you will gain from this course

  • Connect and embrace  your emotions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Genuine relationships with others
  • Have boundaries while staying loving and empathetic
  • Break limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Be empowered to make important decisions and go for your dreams


Our Courses

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Adult Course

2019 Dates: March 29-31 | May 31 -June 02 | July 12-14 | Aug. 23-25 | Oct 18-20 | Nov. 22-24

For more information and to sign up contact Tawnya Perry 754-204-8225 or Jessica Jansen 561-692-2166.

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Parenting Course

2019 Dates:  April 6th & 7th | May 4th & 5th | June 29th & 30th

The better way for parents to communicate and get positive win-win results at home and at work. For more information and to sign up contact Tawnya Perry 754-204-8225.

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A "Forgiveness" Course

2019 Dates: May 11-12

Contact Tawnya Perry 754-204-8225 or Jessica Jansen 561-692-2166.

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Become an ACE! 'Advanced Course Evolved'

2019 Dates: August 10-12 | September 14-15 | October 12-13

You asked for it! The next level in personal development is here with this intensive 3-month course; and, it is required to attend all three months.

Contact Tawnya Perry 754-204-8225 or Jessica Jansen 561-692-2166.

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Leadership Skills and Lead Coach Training


Contact Tawnya Perry 754-204-8225 or Jessica Jansen 561-692-2166.

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Women's Groups

In our women’s groups, we support each other and work through why we don’t feel “good enough” and break the “chains” that hold us back from living the life we dream of.

For more information and to sign up contact Tawnya Perry 754-204-8225.

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Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Our instructors are from among the finest life coaches, therapists, consultants, doctors, and practitioners of energy healing and/or energy psychology. 


The Best of EVOLVE

Enhance Family Relationships

Become a leader and change the world you live in. This course will show you what keeps you stuck (and so much more) so that you can stop the cycle of anger, fear, shame, and guilt being passed on to children and others.

Strengthen Focus

Start truly manifesting your dreams and desires.

Stress Relief

Learn about choices that empower you. This course will provide limitless opportunities to enhance your life and gain tools for better health and happiness.

The EVOLVE workshop helps students to understand how early childhood and family experiences result in personal and relationship struggles. The course teaches new skills for self-awareness, self-love, personal responsibility, and healthy relationships. Evolve is grounded in the non-judgmental acceptance of self and others

Relax & Refresh

This course offers opportunities for stretching beyond your limits.


Learn how to recognize your own personal genie and get answers about how to discern truth.

Mind & Soul

EVOLVE when you are ready. We have resources to help you throughout your life.

Expert Coaches

Meet Our Team

Tawnya Perry

Tawnya Perry

Lead Coach

Tawnya is a dynamic dedicated professional creating a world where children and families flourish and create their dreams.

She is a Certified life coach, gifted with intuitive leadership and life experiences, along with having the training needed to lovingly retrain dysfunctional family relationships using individual and group settings.

Her core qualifications are she is empathic and intuitive to the needs of others; and, Tawnya excels in leadership and management skills which benefit students she trains to become instructors/coaches as well as individual clients an groups.
As a strategic planner with know-how and great people communication skills, Tawnya uses her experience as a parenting coach, instructor, and life coach, plus her clinical EFT Trauma Training to guide people on their path. 

Contact Tawnya at 754-204-8225 for more information on the Evolve Course

Beth K. Lefevre

Beth K. Lefevre

Lead Coach

Behavior Management Specialist

Beth Lefevre, Executive Director of Master Life, Inc. and Executive Co-Director of Money Life Freedom, is a behavior management specialist, specializing in Adlerian philosophy, which is the science of shifting limiting beliefs. She has been working for over 28 years to inspire and educate individuals, businesses, and organizational teams to create passion, cooperation and connection in every area of their lives. Beth is currently one of the owners and master trainers of The Money Life Freedom Weekend Experience; a three-day experience that permanently shifts your perceptions about money. 

Beth is also a master trainer for The Passion Test, The Passion Test for Business, and The Passion Test for Kids & Teens, which are each incredible systems that benefit different audiences. Beth has been working closely with Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, authors for the NY Times, best selling book, The Passion Test, since 2008. Janet says, “Beth is one who talks the talk AND walks the walk of living a passionate life.” She travels the world inspiring others to live a passionate life and if they choose, make a business doing what they love. Her highest desire and one of her passions is: “To inspire ZILLIONS of people to be their highest possibility.”

Beth facilitates a wide variety of in-depth personal and professional trainings. She works with families and businesses. She is an international speaker, having done trainings, courses and workshops in the United States, Australia, Central & South America, and Europe. She has also been a part of the Hispanic culture for over 46 years, so she speaks Spanish fluently AND also understands the nuances of that culture. 

Beth says her greatest accomplishments are the “little things” that happen each day, after the trainings are well over; when a father and son repair their relationship right before the father passes on; when a struggling business increases their profits AND employee engagement, when people feel a sense of belonging, for maybe the 1st time in their lives; when a school flourishes because they have learned the art of cooperation and caring for each other; and when parents inspire their children to live a passionate life, even if they do not agree with their choices. Beth’s greatest satisfaction is when she receives a note or email from a former student, participant, parent, or employer thanking her for helping them discover ways to be more authentic and connected. Her mission in life is to inspire others to passionately live their purpose and dreams, to experience success, to flourish doing what they love; no matter how old they are!

Her Unique Contribution in life is to “Illuminate Your Path to Higher Consciousness”. Beth inspires others to passionately live their purpose and dreams, and to start now.



Michael Berger, MA, LCSW

Michael Berger, MA, LCSW

Coach in Training


Michael Berger, LCSW has worked as a psychotherapist and a specialist in personal development for over ten years. Michael assists his clients in living a more authentic life by focusing on the present moment with compassion and empathy. Clients describe his approach as direct, empowering, and humorous. Michael provides therapy for adolescents, adults, couples, and groups.

Michael has completed additional specialized training in men’s issues, inner child work, anxiety, cognitive therapy, experiential therapy, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), psychodrama, and group therapy as well as chemical and behavioral addictions, including codependency, sex and love addiction.

Michael completed his graduate degree in clinical social work at Florida State University. He also holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education with an emphasis on training and staff development from the University of South Florida.

Gerda Anna Muyen LCSW LLC

Gerda Anna Muyen LCSW LLC

Lead Coach

Gerda is a licensed Clinical Therapist with over 20 years of experience in working with individuals, couples and families. During the beginning of her career she worked as a child therapist. This experience was crucial to her seeing how childhood patterns develop a belief system that continues in adulthood and can create stress and discord in adult relationships.

Gerda has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from The Netherlands and her Masters In Clinical Social Work from Barry University. She integrates her European background in an approach that is diverse. After studying and practicing different therapy models Gerda has come to favor Emotional Focused Therapy. Besides her private practice Gerda has developed a couple’s weekend. During this weekend the couple learns that the perception of their relationship is colored by their own childhood experiences and the couple learns to communicate and create relational maturity. From the ‘fight and flight’ reactive behavior, the couple learns how to become more responsive and empathetic to each other’s sensitivities.

Besides her private practice Gerda has an experience of 10 years of teaching self development seminars on weekends. The 30 hour seminar helps students create meaningful changes in their life.

Gerda’s private practice is located in Delray Beach. For more information please call 561-596-9355.

Richard J. Loebl, LCSW, BCD

Richard J. Loebl, LCSW, BCD

Lead Coach

Board Certified Psychotherapist
Founder and Director, Relationship Center of South Florida

Richard attended his first personal growth workshop in August, 2000. It changed his life and his therapy practice. He continued with this course as a consultant therapist for many years. He became a Certified Instructor in 2003, and he’s taught the workshop over fifty times in Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles. Richard also created a unique version of this workshop for clients in a Delray drug rehabilitation program.

Richard, a psychotherapist and relationship counselor, is the Founder & Director of the Relationship Center of South Florida in Boca Raton. He is a Board Certified Psychotherapist with over 40 years’ experience as a therapist, consultant, educator and program manager in the fields of mental health and chemical dependency.

His primary specialties as a therapist are relationships, couples counseling and men’s issues. Richard created the Connections program of marriage retreats and couples therapy intensives. He is the author of Connections: A Workbook for Couples which is used in the intensives and is available for purchase through his website: www.RCOSF.com.

Richard created a self-help model called “Who’s in Charge?” This simple tool helps us to understand our internal parts — the Inner Child, Teen, Critic and Adult – and how we develop core emotional reactions, beliefs, and behavior patterns. This same tool is easily used to make positive life changes.

Following the success of Who’s in Charge? Richard developed The LATE Men concept. The LATE Men are adult men who tend to self-sabotage because they function as Lost, Angry Teenagers. This concept informs much of Richard’s therapy approach with men, individually and in men’s therapy groups.

A Washington, D.C. native, Richard has lived in Boca Raton since the year 2000. He is married, with two adult daughters who live and work in Atlanta and Denver, and he will be a first-time grandparent in February 2019. And Richard is the proud father of two feisty French Bulldogs.

Jessica Jansen

Jessica Jansen

Life Coach

Jessica has been committed to Personal Development for over 10 years. She is a Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Certified Redirecting Children’s Behavior Instructor.

As a mother of 3 children she understands that parents need guidance and support to have the best relationships with their children. Communication is the most important tool we have; inner knowing gets sharpened with Jessica’s passion and guidance to help everyone have a magical life.

Contact Jessica at 561-501-1877 for more information on the Evolve Course

Ingrid Sauve

Ingrid Sauve

Life Coach

Ingrid is a Life Coach …

Karen Witte, LMHC

Karen Witte, LMHC


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Karin Witte, MA, LMHC has over 13 years’ experience as a psychotherapist specializing in individual and couples therapy with adults. Karin’s specialties include:

  • Relationship and Couples Therapy
  • Trauma Recovery and EMDR (including complex, developmental/attachment & single event)
  • Counseling for Women’s Issues (including life transitions & empowerment)
  • Anxiety and Depressive Disorders (including grief & loss)
  • Inner Child Healing and Self-Esteem
  • Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Clinical Supervision for MHC & MFT Interns

Karin’s therapeutic approach is based on unconditional positive regard, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of self and others – while honoring the connection between mind, body and spirit. Her integrative clinical focus is rooted in the principles of Humanistic, Rogerian, Transpersonal, Psychodynamic and Buddhist psychologies; with specific focus in trauma resolution, inner child healing and mindfulness practices to assist clients in overcoming the obstacles to creating positive change and personal growth.

When we experience trauma, disappointment and setbacks without resolution and healing, we unconsciously allow the emotional scars to dictate the course of our lives and relationships. These scars create the lens through which we view ourselves, others and the world we live in. Through that lens, we unconsciously create the story of who we are and what we’re capable of.

Karin offers her clients a safe and supportive environment to move through their healing process. She provides skilled, competent and respectful guidance to empower each person in resolving the issues that block their ability to live authentically and wholeheartedly – and to create the positive shifts in thoughts and behavior necessary to fulfill their unique purpose and manifest the best version of themselves.

Karin earned her B.A. in Psychology at Florida International University and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Holistic Counseling at John F. Kennedy University. She has specialized training in EMDR & EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques)  for trauma resolution and advanced training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), which has been proven the most effective modality for couples therapy. Karin is also a Qualified Supervisor for MHC & MFT interns.


What People Are Saying

“These courses Tawnya Perry coaches/instructs are healing lives!  Redirecting children’s behavior (Heart Mind and Soul Parenting course) opened my eyes to how I can identify the most effective way to handle the little ones, and assisting at Kidz Kourse I found that they are easily changing lives for the better right now and I can’t wait to see how self-loving and self-knowing the kids are as they grow! Bottom line: I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything in the world!”

Gabriel Saslofsky

Instructor, Evolve Kidz Kourse

“I loved the Heart, Mind and Soul Parenting workshop (redirecting children’s behavior parenting workshop)! It opened my awareness to subconscious beliefs that come up when I interact with people. I hadn’t expected to learn anything new about myself that I didn’t already know from previous personal development work I’ve been doing, but I did! I discovered a better way to communicate and direct myself to get results without power struggles.”

Lynne Okaily

Entrepreneur, Wellness Consultant

Being a single dad raising a little girl, I wanted to be the best parent I could possibly be. There were a lot of factors raising a child that brought up my own childhood issues, which were forced to be addressed, in order to hold space with the space for no expectations for my daughter. Without guidance from professionals on a continual basis I would have ended up raising my daughter like I was raised, and that was not so good.Read more…

Anthony Lauria

Working Dad

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